A Bad Haiku Connected to a Good Idea for Support

I am not a poet, so when my grad teacher asked us to write a narrative or poem about creating open networks I decided to start with a haiku and then explain my intentions in a narrative.  How badly can I mangle a haiku?  Here it is.

As a new teacher:

Reconnect with old classmates

then compare methods.

I was not a typical four-year degree student.  I completed some classes in the mid-90’s then returned to Arcadia to finish my 4-year degree almost 20 years later in 2014.  As I was taking the undergraduate math classes that would fulfill my BA in Mathematics I befriended two graduate students who were completing their secondary math certifications: Randell and Ted.  Because of my age and my friendship with Ted and Randell  it was often assumed that I too was a graduate teaching student… how prophetic those assumptions turned out to be!  I have not spoken to either in a few years, so my idea is to reconnect with them via e-mail and pick their brains.  Since they are three years ahead of me (career-wise) I figure that their firsthand experience will help me navigate some of the unknowns I am bound to encounter.  As former friends and classmates I believe that they will be more willing to answer questions and offer advice.  Since our friendships are already established, I think they can supply unique insight into the particulars that secondary math education requires.  In return I will offer to provide information regarding connected learning best practices.  Hopefully this can be my first step towards creating my own support community. (3 thirds of a learning circle?)

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Eric L

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